Laura A. Wackwitz, Ph.D.

manuscript & publication editor

As a text editor and writing coach, I've spent the better part of 20 years working with both creative and academic writers. I combine my love of structural and developmental editing with an eye for detail, always seeking to help improve document impact while maintaining each writer's unique voice. Years ago, a new colleague of mine once explained to me, quite carefully, that the world was divided into two types of professionals: drillers and swoopers. Drillers were detail oriented and precise. Swoopers were big-picture specialists. Neither, he said, was very good at the requirements of the other's work: "Drillers don't swoop and swoopers don't drill." (The classic forest or trees argument for academics, I guess.) I protested, said that I could do both and carefully explained back that, "One can hardly be done without the other." My answer categorized me immediately in his eyes as a swooper . . . and there I remained until one day he actually observed my work process. "You don't fit the bifurcation," he said. "You swoop, then drill, then swoop again." In professional lingo, that makes me an effective full-spectrum editor. 

Abigail Wild, author

Wild, A. (2021). The Art of Drowning. Cable Creek.
The Art of Drowning novel cover

A novel.

"A special note of gratitude goes out to my editor at Cable Creek: Laura, not only do you ROCK, but you found in my words the meaning I intended and found in me the strength I needed to bring this book to its completion."

Role: Editor (full spectrum)
Miller, L.D.  (Ed.). (2015 - 2020). Carlisle Compendia of Collaborative Research. Strategic Studies
Institute: United States Army War College Press. Three editions: 
"Allied Space Training: An Opportunity for Army Leadership." (2020).
"Pacific Pathways 2014: Assessment and Recommendations." (2016).
"Regionally Aligned Forces: Concept Viability and Implementation." (2015).
Carlisle Compendia of Collaborative Research cover

Each compendium reports the findings of student-faculty research on a topic of importance to the Army, the Department of Defense, and the larger community of strategic leaders. 

Role: Associate Editor (line & copy editing, publication layout & design, issue production)
The Army War College Review cover

A refereed online publication designed to connect student intellectual work with professionals invested in U.S. national security, Landpower, strategic leadership, global security studies, and the advancement of the profession of arms. Longer essays were selected from among award-winning student papers and edited for economy, clarity, style, and impact.

Miller, L.D.  (Ed.). (2015 - 2018). The Army War College Review. Strategic Studies Institute: United
States Army War College Press.
Role: Associate Editor (line & copy editing, publication layout & design, issue production)
USAWC Communicative Arts Directive cover

Guidance helpful for student/facutly negotiation of the academic curricula of the United States Army War College, including resident and distance education programs. Documents for each program were prepared annually by the Director, Communicative Arts and signed by the Dean, School of Strategic Landpower for use during the academic year. 

Communicative Arts Directive (2013 - 2020). School of Strategic Landpower: United States Army
War College.
Role: Assistant Editor (Copy Editing, Proofreading, Formatting, Issue Production)