Laura A. Wackwitz, Ph.D.


Documentary filmmaking is, for me, an epistemological and creative process informed by the principles of ethnographic research, naturalistic inquiry, and feminist theories of difference, voice, and representation. In my work as a documentary producer, director, and editor, I combine these principles with the use of digital video technologies to uncover and express stories of the human condition, the struggle for equality, and the pursuit of social justice. Through this process, I weave together narratives from people whose voices might not otherwise be heard into a format that facilitates the preservation and diffusion of those voices while simultaneously giving something back to the community from which they spoke. I hope to return to shooting and editing documentaries soon, as they were my first love. But alas, my third love--writing and editing documents--keeps me occupied and takes all my time of late! (My "second love" is my family . . . second only in chronology, not in priority!)

Wackwitz, L. (2003). Cornerstones of care.

The story of a community mental health service for children needing intervention and care in Colorado.

Commissioned by: The Cornerstone System of Care Initiative through a federal grant from the Center for Mental Health Services, Washington, D.C.

Wackwitz, L. & Glaser, G. (2001). Breaking the Ice.

Covering the genesis of a women’s NCAA Division I hockey team within its academic, personal, social and cultural contexts. 

Distributed to Robert Fournier, Director of Athletics, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI for use by the University and the women’s hockey program. 

Wackwitz, L. (1993). Someplace safe to be: A crisis

respite home.

Exploring the use of private homes for temporary respite care in rural communities.

Produced for the State of Colorado, Division of Mental Health, Rural Crisis Study.

Wackwitz, L. (1993). Focus on Families.

Covering the process of child and family therapy in rural settings.

Produced for: The State of Colorado, Division of Mental Health, Cañon City Mental Health Center.

Wackwitz, L. & Schroll, C. (1993). Remember the

Children. (with C. Morgan and M. Krueger)

Telling the story of an inner-city “Corporate Community School” in Chicago, IL. "A private school organized in the public interest."

From the archives!

Wackwitz, L., Brock, R. (1990). Fighting Back.

Covering a controversial self-defense program at a liberal arts college where empowering women should not have been in the least bit controversial.

From the archives!