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Creativity, discernment, critical inquiry: all inform my approach to education. To develop the academic muscle needed to support and ground intellectual work requires confronting difficult topics or tasks with an eagerness absent from many courses. The challenge is help learners discover the importance of the material being covered and to develop an understanding of self in relationship to that material. Interrogating the theories and practices that have informed the perspectives of our time works best when learners envision themselves as active participants in the experience. Where do the students fit within the larger dialogue? What do they think? How are their perspectives informed by traditional norms and values? How are they not? What ideas should be brought to the table? Can we recruit ideas from different disciplines? A corollary challenge is to ask learners to start from their individual positions of strength and develop from there. What do they know? What are they good at? What are they not? What unique qualities do they bring to the course? How can they capitalize on those qualities through exercises that encourage critical thinking, active participation, and personal development? To address any (or all) of these questions requires a creative stance and a coaching perspective. Cable Creek Publishing provides outlets for creativity, coaching opportunities, and educational endeavors grounded in this philosophy and supportive of these goals. 

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Studio Production
Field Production
Intro to Media Studies
Media Law and Ethics
Critical Media Theory
Contemporary Rhetorical Theory
Media Criticism