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Cable Creek redefines publication for the digital world by creating alternative outlets for ideas, education, and creativity based on the understanding that, although technology has blurred the lines of traditional media and publication outlets, meaning-making remains central to the human condition.

We partner with authors and artists to create and promote works that celebrate difference, preserve liberties, champion social justice, amplify silenced voices, and support community. Our professional affiliations include:

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our director

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In graduate school, Laura and friends entertained fantasies of creating an outlet for academic and creative work not bound by traditional thought or run by "the establishment." In the 90s, this was, of course, crazy. Media was "mass." The Internet was "text." Journals were "print." Computer text was green or (worse) orange. Creating niche publication outlets and bringing media production to the people was impossible: an idea to play with between fierce philosophical debates and fiercer trivia night victories. Ph.D.s in hand, the friends eventually went separate ways, but the spirit of those days thrives, nevertheless, at the heart of Cable Creek.

Laura A. Wackwitz, Ph.D.

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