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Line by Line Coaching celebrates writers. We provide developmental coaching and manuscript editing for emerging writers from across the writing spectrum. Our team of independent coaches offers a customized experience, tailored to meet each author's needs through one-on-one coaching, small group workshopping, developmental editing, and manuscript preparation. Our coaches are published authors who are also experienced, professionally credentialed educators (M.F.A.s and Ph.D.s). We provide personal attention, flexible scheduling, and careful critique. No hard-sell tactics. No assurances of glory or publication. No specialized retreats. No requirements to conform. Our commitment is simple: we work with you to help improve your written work and strengthen your unique writer's voice. 


Is it time? Are you ready? Is today the day your characters come out to play, to live, to dream? Do they need a little encouragement? A deadline to hold them accountable, perhaps? Or a lens to give them more focus? Do you? Our coaches can help.


Developing a thesis. Supporting ideas with evidence. Citing sources. All are tools of academic and professional writing, without which many important ideas are lost. To transform good ideas into compelling arguments requires economy, clarity, organization, and style. To get there sometimes requires a coach. We have those.

young writers

Teens and young adults have big things to say. Working through and figuring out the world with a sense of excitement, yes, but often with pain or perspectives that aren't taken seriously. It's hard when teens are silenced or treated like children, writing lets them express that. So do our coaches.

connect with a coach

Abigail Wild, MFA

Author-in-Residence Abigail Wild connects authors with coaches. She'll answer your questions and chat with you about your project, goals, and working style before suggesting a specific coach connection. You will then submit a writing sample for a preliminary complimentary review. If the author-coach connection appears to be a good fit, Abigail will work with you to customize your coaching plan, complete a coaching agreement, and establish your initial coaching schedule. After that, you and your coach will work together to advance your writing to the next level.

Abigail Wild, M.F.A.

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