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media production

Cable Creek Productions is a private production house organized in the public interest. We produce short-form creative non-fiction and long-form documentaries for individuals, groups, and the greater good.


Short-form video is an effective means of expressing ideas, sharing creativity, and connecting people. Whether destined for the one-minute festival circuit, website distribution, or YouTube, well-produced short-form videos impact audiences in meaningful ways. Cable Creek Productions is particularly interested in partnering with small businesses and public-service oriented groups to harness the power of video to meet specific needs.


Cable Creek Productions produces documentaries that tell the stories of people's lives, including the overlooked and the silenced. Our documentary team approaches filmmaking as a mode of inquiry that engages participants in the storytelling process by empowering their voices and bridging the gap between individuals and audiences. Our field equipment is unobtrusive, our interviewers respectful, and our editing suite well-equiped.

connect with a filmmaker

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Have a project you would like to propose? Reach out to our director, Laura Wackwitz. She will chat with you about your project, the Cable Creek Productions workflow, and proposal submission requirements. If your proposal is accepted, she will connect you with the appropriate producer, director, editor, or video coach.

Laura A. Wackwitz, Ph.D.

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